MP Falaah: the remover of viber groups

MP Falaah: the remover of viber groups

Things are pretty hectic in the Maldives right now, with the President losing his super-majority due to the unpopular Speaker of the parliament whom he supports, and his loyal MPs acting out against the whole fiasco.

Legend says that a certain group chat exists with the said President and parliament majority, where they discuss current events and finalizes the government policies. Now, this group chat that exists on the popular but unpopular messaging application VIber, has been on the headlines non-stop the past three days ever since the President loyalists defected.

Apparently some defector individuals have been leaking conversations to social media and to the press, and to be honest these leaks are quite funny, resulting them to be some of the best currently trending local memes.

The leaks from yesterday proved that President Abdulla Yameen finally had enough of his pro-government parliamentary group members who were opposing his backing of the unpopular Speaker. President tried compromising and negotiating, but apparently made things worse. The boiling point was the MPs disagreeing to making private committees within themselves to work with the government.

President Yameen apparently got tired of the nagging MPs and said “Haadha shakuvaa bodey. Thihen nuhahdhavaa” (Translation: So much complains. Please dont do this). Which, of course did not stop his loyal lawmakers.

Therefore, President Yameen literally lost it and sarcastically said “True. No MP has fulfilled any promise. Government couldn’t develop any constituency either,”.


A minute later, leader of the pro-government lawmakers Ahmed Nihan tries to cool down the atmosphere by advising his colleagues to “Take this positively,”

But Nihan’s attempts miserably failed, as by now President Yameen is literally done with this shit and says “I’m outta here”– and asks to be removed.

This is where the memes are concerned with.

President Yameen says “I’m out of this page”. Viber has groups. No pages. Whereas Facebook has pages. The internet had a field day.

Also, it seemed like the President was fishing for attention as he, instead of removing himself out of the group, asked MP for Inguraidhoo–Ibrahim Falaah–to remove him from it.

Then Lo and Behold, MP Falaah of Inguraidhoo is now the remover of Viber Groups.

Enjoy these tweets.

Also, this is a picture I recently came across on Facebook.


Since the PPM Viber group fiasco got leaked and is now public property, I felt like we need the closure about this situation as well. We just had to know if President Yameen was removed from the group as he wished. Therefore, I tweeted MP Falaah.

Later, a PPM MP (who wishes to stay anonymous) texts me and gives me the information so I can get the closure I needed. With permission, I disseminated the information with all the other closure seekers as well 🙂

Bye ^_^

On a side note, though MP Ibrahim Falaah is looks very serious on the political arena, he is actually a very very very (I cant stress enough!) nice person. I recently talked to him and he is super friendly, and I felt as if I was speaking to someone of my age.

MP Falaah is from Innamadhoo Island, Raa Atoll. He grew up doing works in carpentry, boat building and other odd jobs. Later, he formed a company which later became one of the biggest firms in the Boat building industry in the Maldives. Follow this link to read about MP Falaah’s story on Avas Online.


~Everyone needs a Falaah in their life~


Commitment issues

Commitment issues

So this post is kind of weird. I wrote paragraphs about my life updates. But everything’s scrambled. Good luck.

Hello people.

LOL. I committed to do a review for each Maldivian Idol audition episode and see where I ended up–ABANDONING MY BLOG FOR MONTHS. Bet if I ever committed to someone, I would abandon my S.O. for months too.

Which is why I still am in the same rut for more than year, and nothing has changed (except for my tolerance, insecurity and patience levels which surprisingly took to the positive direction). It has been two months or so since said changes started to take place. But deep inside, the one constant remains the same. No scissor can separate the constant, and no amount of combing can change how it looks like either. It’s going to remain as it is, I guess.

I’ve met new and interesting people! I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities. I’ve traveled, got some time to relax at luxury, and also had wonderful food.

But no. I take commitments very seriously. I mean, not my personal commitments. But the ones I make to people. Because I put people above myself–especially the ones whom I love.

Sigh. Kids. Its always me above everything for some people. Maybe I am the only exception?

By the way, it all started with a DM on twitter from an old friend (whom I knew but didn’t know well). I got introduced to this awesome opportunity. I’m still in the rut–my constant still constant–but I got something to look forward to and be excited about, temporarily taking my attention away from the rut. So that’s good.

My second home is awesome. But there is the typical drama there just like everywhere else. People stabbing each other. Mocking your abilities and the great things you do, and then later make a fuss about it because everyone’s better at everything than thyself.

Also, I bought a cafetiere to brew tea. I love it.

I have promised some errands for two people over a month ago, and these are still pending. But here I am, late at night typing away shit that doesn’t even make sense. Meh.

Work. There are days my writer’s block makes me sleep on my chair. There are days I can be operated like a mechanical engine. Writer’s block is rare for me. But still, when it hits out, it’s severe. I have so much things in my head that I do not know what to do first.

At least later this year, things WOULD be different.

I’m gaining weight so much. People call me fat all the time now. I need to stop eating. Like, seriously.



Maldivian Idol s02e02: Unoooooooo and the Belly dancer

Maldivian Idol s02e02: Unoooooooo and the Belly dancer

Tonight’s episode was pretty entertaining but there were many facepalm moments as well.

Unoosha totally ruined her beautiful dress by wearing a spaghetti strap top over it.
Looked ridiculous.

I expect next episode she would show up in Superman’s outfit because Superman’s red briefs are over his blue suit. hmm.

The first contestant–Jaisha–was amazing. Her voice was powerful and breathtaking. She’s in the next round 😀

And then there was this girl Alya who did infants impressions. She was an equally good singer and won a place in the next round too.

Then there was this Maafushi guy–Shameel–working in a guesthouse. He had a charming good look, good character and also a great voice. But Unoosha, mind you, anyone who wears something that resembles a Kurta cannot be called a chaiwala.

The biggest highlight of the night was this guy. Hamdan. He said he is a choreographer who specializes in teaching belly dancing to girls. He had pretty good moves too.

Which intrigued Unoo to desire for a Shakira song to be played (loley loley loleyyy Unooo) to try out belly dancing too

Unoo’s moves so bad that Ibrahim Zaid Ali had to come shake things up

Well. Unoo did not do very well, while the tweeps were hoping she would ace.

The Belly dancer established quite a big fan base tonight as well.

Notice I referred to Unoosha as Unoo? Well, Belly dancer gave her this name, and so it is destined that Unoosha is Unoo.

Which also got Lamha–the host–to call her Unoo too. LOL


Enough with Unoo and Team Bellydancer/Rainbow/whatever now.

My favorite contestant of tonight was the Civil Police girl, Hunaida. She ROCKED. Her voice was so unique. She sang Jeymu Donkamana’s Gulabi Maafulhu in Donkamana’s voice. It was amazing. I have no words to describe it.

Thasneem from Maafushi did great

Zoona’s little boy Nabeel showed up this time as well. He passed the audition last season too, but he had to drop off from the competition because his employer didn’t allow to release him for the show. So this time it is, for him.


Then there was this little boy Rihan, 18 years. He was at the show with his girlfriend who he said, gave him all the moral support he needed. He sang really well, which led to Ibrahim the weirdo claim his intention to gift him a guitar worth Rf7,000, and also a personal stripping session on TV. The tweeps were grossed out.

Which later led to this

Thats enough for tonight now.

Oh also, my friend Alvin got to the next round too. Yay Alvin. I dont think he remembers me now though.

So yes that’s it.

Great tweeting tonight, Maldivian tweeps. We had a fun weekend. Now back to a long five days of work. I’m already impatient for next Friday. 😀

PS: Affan is the best thing about this season.

Maldivian Idol s02: ITS BACK! (Highlights of s02e01)

Maldivian Idol s02: ITS BACK! (Highlights of s02e01)

Maldivian Idol, the best thing that happened to Maldivian tweeps since #ReplaceMovieNamesWithMaumoon back in February 2013. 🙂 Season 1 of Maldivian Idol kicked off in late 2015, with my friend Laisha Junaid becoming the debut Maldivian Idol in 2016. 🙂 The show renewed to a second season and premiered its first episode tonight.

Honestly, its good it came back. Maldivian Idol is this one thing that brought the Maldivian twitter community together and active at this particular time every weekend. Also, @OfficialHaman‘s hilarious tweets and @kudanai‘s GIFs are elements, which without, the nights would be incomplete.

So the second season of Maldivian Idol started with a few changes. Our favorite Moosa Waseem remained constant, while he got a new co-host, the amazing vocalist Lamha Lateef. Some people did not fancy the change, and wanted the old host Maureen back. Though Maureen was not on the show, she certainly was with us on twitter. 😀

The judges panel saw one change as well. The lavaeh falhaalabaya dude Ahmed Ibrahim was replaced with Ismail Affan, who most people did not really know prior to his introduction as a judge to the renewed season. Tonight’s episode certainly proved that this change was good. Affan is pretty good at judging and commenting on performances—–

while Unoosha did her usual lame catchphrases (I mean seriously, obiness to the max was bad enough. Now she has a little board that says it?!)—

Here’s what twitterfam thought of it.

–And Ibrahim Zaid Ali continued his..ermm.

The first episode from tonight was full of surprises and little disappointments. We saw a lot of comebacks of old contestants, in the form of their family members.

For instance, the little brother of the second runner-up of the first season (Mohamed Ishan) showed up at the audition. He was amazing, by the way, and he made it to the next round. Yay! 🙂

Big brother of Ibrahim Amaan, the hilarious, multi-talented surfer from last year’s top ten, tried out in the auditions too, and he was amazing as well. We will be seeing more of Zakitte this season too. 😀


One more special highlight was Azal’s return. Azal was a contestant who tried out last year, performed pretty well, but the judges failed her. I do not know the reason for that decision then. But she definitely came back improved, and she made it to the next round as well. Yay Azal! 🙂


One girl named Hanan, appeared at the audition, very confident. She praised Unoosha a lot, and said she aspired to be just like Unoosha. Sang Unoosha’s latest song, Themunas Hevey, but in the end, Unoosha gave her a no. I stress on Unoosha’s judgment here, and I’m sure you readers can think of why. In the end, Hanan didn’t make it to the next round. But she said this definitely was a beginning for her singing career. I hope to hear her singing very soon too.

This is Hanan

The first guy who auditioned was pure amazeballs. His name was Nadeem, and he improvised the song he tried out. It was wonderful.


There were several other great participants too. Like this guy

And this guy

And then a bunch of weird stuff happened. Like this

And this, with the Island Council member of R. Ungoofaaru

Nevertheless, it was very entertaining. Sigh. What can I say. Maldivian Idol is definitely a distraction one can get from the country’s problems. One may criticise, saying its a mind-control tactic from the state. But others view the show as a way to relax and enjoy the weekend after a tiresome week at the office.

And my love to all the tweeps who makes the show all worthwhile, because the show wouldn’t be half as entertaining without you. Its happy to think of more people joining the twitter community just to check out our tweets and join in the conversations and rants we do there while watching the show. 🙂

Okay so, adios everyone. Lets hope I can make these posts a regular thing.

Reminiscence: For always

Reminiscence: For always

[Photo: Lake Eedhigali of Hithadhoo, Addu City. No relevance to the post below]

For always

I cannot speak.

I cannot deliver my thoughts that way to you. But mind you. In this mind of mine, runs millions of thoughts. My weakness is not knowing how to express them all. So many come at once, so many go at once. I am stuck in mid: what do I say.

Quietness. Fan spins on turbo. Pitch perfect silence.

I stare at the ceiling. Then at fan. I’m lost in my thoughts. Your presence, comforting. But I’m lost. I decide what to say, think of what to expect, and how to feel.

I hear echoed voice. It asks me to leave. I come to my senses, glance to a side. I see you. You. Ill. Disappointed. Weak. Unsure of whether anger.

Leave. Right now.
“You are useless.”

I am now conscious. I hear, comprehend, but feel hurt. Tears. But act strong and blink them away. I stand up to leave. I get my bag. Put it on, and walk.

Echoed voice again. “Come back.”
I freeze. I come to my senses. “Hey. Come back, you.”

Hesitance. Fear. In my head, questions run. What do I do now?

Embarrassment and shameful feels. Cheeks turn red, and I turn around.

I get a telling off. Because I am numb and cannot speak. I can not show emotion. What do I do now?

Clear voice continues. The perfect voice of the person of my dreams. Scolds continue. Advice. Scolds. Not harsh. But straightforward. Truthful. I listen in awe.

This is my person. My person loves me so much. My person bothers to scold me and shape me right. Scolds me to make me more lovable. Approachable. More responsible.

I smile and laugh a little. That is how I cope. Smile.

This is for always. Forever.

They just want what’s best for us

They just want what’s best for us

These are just some things that went through my mind as I waited in line for my turn at IGMH’s casualty area.


Argh. I am currently at the general consultation place at IGMH. The triage place. This place is so, I swear. People keep looking at and judging each other here while they wait for their number. My number is 269 lol, and I have a thousand people before me. This goes so slow too.

I mean, I understand that doctors are humans and not robots and therefore cannot do everything at “google speed” (Abdul Raheem Abdulla’s words, not mine).

But this hospital really needs development and more people to provide service. I dont know.

I have a feeling this will take my whole night too. Damn damn damn.

But Alhamdulillah for my Aailee doctor, who I and a thousand others come to see at IGMH everyday.

A moment ago I was outside IGMH on the thoshigandu because it was so hot inside here. But then it started raining so I came inside. When I was out there I was admiring the marvellous jogging track our beloved Minister of Housing and Infrastructure had made for us. Though it had a pieces of the synthetic rubber mat removed here and there, and also needed some patching up, I believe it was 100% perfect. There were many of our Male City’s residents jogging on it too.

Onto my left I saw our Artificial beach, constructed especially for the citizens of Maafannu so we can go there and chill, bathe in the sea which is totally not contaminated by sewage and also not to mention the white sandy beach which is not eroded and therefore, didn’t require any more sand.

But then it started to rain. I felt bad for the Minister because of the natiral barriers like the weather which was an obstruction to repair the world class jogging track and the area of Majeedee Magu they started to renovate. Certainly, nature can be blamed on no individual, and even the immense planning of these wonderful development projects cannot overtake the weather.

But I hope everything is okay in the end and goes accordingly to plan. The Rasfannu pavillion and overhead bridge too, because we trust our top public offices.

Also IGMH’s lobby is being renovated right now. Its great.

So I’m still sitting here and the time is 5:37 and I have six people before me so I can go consult the doctor.

Okay nothing else is on my mind so bye for now tc everyone and please be thankful for everything you had, have, will have and everything you are forcefully made to have by people. Unless of course, they harm your body and mental state. Then that’s bad.

K bye.

Why Eid is unfair for Male’ citizens

Why Eid is unfair for Male’ citizens

Today is the second day of Eid al Adha. The Eid which Muslims celebrate after Arafat Day. Muslims all around the globe celebrate. So do the population here in the Maldives.

In Maldives, people have two options of where to live. In under-developed islands in the atolls, or the congested capital city of Male’ where more than 90% of the resources are located in. Most people from the islands choose migrating to Male’, resulting in more congestion and cramming.

So when Eid comes, the residents from the islands go back to their home islands for the holiday because that’s where the fun of Eid is at. In Male’ city, we have no traditional Eid culture.

Therefore, some citizens of Male’ also travel to islands of their friends and distant relatives too, for Eid.

And then there is us. Citizens of Male’ who do not have blood relatives or very close friends in the islands. Or maybe some do not have enough money to travel. Those who do, travel abroad for Eid too.

Point being, even though Male’ City has been a melting pot of different people from different backgrounds, we do not have an Eid tradition or Eid culture which we can call of our own. The melting pot has not functioned right because the people are too different and unwilling to come up with them. The traditions have not melted into forming new things, except for maybe political instability.

This leads to Male’ City being more vacant and quiet during the Eid days because more people tend to get out of the City to go to wherever the fun is for them. You can hear cricket chirps *figurative* because its that quiet on the roads. No traffic and almost no one walking on the roads. Its all peaceful and quiet.

But commenting on the quietness and serenity in Male’ City due to most people going away gets people to verbally (sometimes emotionally) attack you, maybe saying the Male’ city “beyfulhun” want the “Raajje therey” people out of the city for good.

I’m sorry, but I do not want anybody to be thrown out of the City in exchange for peace and serenity, if that’s what anyone comprehended from my statement. No. That is not what I meant to say, and it is not what I said.

The Maldives has been unfair for everyone. The past governments only developed Male’ City. Little was done for the islands. Everything located in Male’ City. So there was no choice for some, but to move to Male’. That is not how things should be. Resources have to be allocated equally everywhere. If not everywhere, the system needs to find a way to get you easily to the resources. But instead, the system still makes us suffer. Very little development goes on and the government wants everybody to move to Male’ City and Hulhumale’. Centralization.

The system has failed to allocate resources for you and for me evenly. Again, do not get me wrong. I am a Male’ citizen, and I love sharing. Anyone can live in my island if they wish to, but there needs to be a system where we all get service equally without inconvenience for anybody, right? You do not deserve to pay a huge rent. My feet and your feet do not deserve to get stepped on the crowded pavements of Male’ City while people are scuttling to both directions. Your ears and mine do not deserve to hear those loud honking of vehicles. Our little ones deserve a quiet, serene atmosphere to have a good sleep in.

I believe I have gone overboard with Eid traditions and Male’ City as we do not have any anymore. But we are deprived of a lot of things. Our city is not developed well for you and for me to be in. Bridges and asphalt roads is not the only development. We need a way to reduce our congestion by decentralizing.

What needs development is our minds and rights. Male’ city’s citizens are treated the most unfairly by the system. At last we even have been stripped off our right to freedom of assembly without prior permission from the state (article 32, QA). We were stripped off our right to assembly by vote of a minority of (4/12) MPs elected from the city. Its injustice, given that most of the people who took our right to assembly away are not even responsible for Male’ City’s constituencies.


Everyone from Male’ ain’t “Beyfulhu” people. Maybe we wish we belong to some island in the atolls where we can call “home”. Somewhere we can go back to, to our families during the holidays and have fun. Some of us are just unfortunate because getting to call Male’ City as hometown is the worst thing about us.

This is my opinion. Male’ is my home island, and me being over-protective and patriotic about Male’ is just natural. Maybe you disagree with me, and that’s okay.